Dr, Keesha

Dr. Keesha

Nutrition and Weight-Loss Expert

Fern Life Center

Dr. Keesha is an integral part of the BODY Unleashed team.   She has over 25 years experience with nutrition, functional medicine, and weight-loss.  Her practice is located in Issaqua, Washington, where she has a staff of nutritionists, registered dietitians, and lab specialists.  She and Lynne Sadowski co-created the High-Octane Diet which is the nutritional foundation for Lynne Sadowski’s best selling book, Vixen Unleashed and E-Book, Road-Map to Health.  Dr. Keesha was able to cure her symptoms of Rhematoid Arthritis through changing her diet and lifestyle. Her practice specializes in identifying the foods and nutrients that can heal your body of symptoms such as depression, auto-immune disease, obesity and more.