Lynne’s Story

Screen shot 2013-12-03 at 10.51.22 AMMy Story

It all started with a picture.

It was a typical hot summer weekend in 2009.  There I was, parading around in my brown one-piece bathing suit feeling anything but sexy, and what does my husband do?  He takes a picture of me! So here I am in all my 210 pound glory.

No escape. No airbrushing. This was the real deal.

I remember going home that night, seeing the photo, and breaking down in my bedroom. I just couldn’t understand it! I had a gorgeous husband, a fantastic son, and a great paying job. If I was successful in all other aspects of my life, why wasn’t I successful at losing weight?

I realized my life was not aligned. I was emotionally spiritually, and physically drained. Like so many other women out there juggling family, job, and household, I did not prioritize my health and in turn my life could be summed up in one word: Miserable. I had let my Fears, Anxieties and Toxic behaviors (the real FAT) control my life.

It was time for a change.

Within a few days of seeing that photo on the beach, I discovered a local women’s fitness studio and found myself taking a pole dancing class! Believe me, I wasn’t thrilled about rocking a skimpy outfit and stilettos either! But thankfully, my class was a private lesson.

The environment and the genuine caring that I found at this locally owned fitness studio was comforting: something I had never experienced before in other gyms.  I had always hated going into a gym because I felt so out of place and intimidated.  I had only ever experienced those big-box, impersonal gyms.

Here it was different: The music went on and the lights were dimmed, and suddenly, for the first time in decades, I looked into the mirror and saw my true self. I looked passed the fat and saw me: the sexy, kind, confident, loving woman that I am. In that moment, I became a vixen unleashed.

I will never let F.A.T. (Fears, Anxieties & Toxic Behaviors ™) take control of my life again. I am on a mission: To inspire people to support their local fitness and wellness providers and let go of their F.A.T. to live healthier lives.